chemical and process pressure vessels

In-house design, fabrication and assembly of process pipework for a variety of applications and industrial sectors: offshore and onshore oil & gas, petrochemical and food and beverage industries.

Example Projects:-

  • High integrity Cryogenic Gas and Liquid Pipework
    Orbital welded pipework for transfer and control of cryogenic gases and liquids at -196 degrees C
  • MOD Fuel Pumping Rig
    Forward operating area fuel pumping pipe spools in steel and aluminium to military standards
  • Live Beer In-Place Cleaning (IPC) Lines
    Food grade pipe welding for live beer, CO2 and IPC lines
  • Desalination Heater Flues
    In-tank combustion flue - tube heat exchanger
  • Refrigeration Plant
    Glycol heating and cooling limpet channels and associated flexible and fixed pipework

processing plant pipework

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