Pressure Vessels

chemical and process pressure vessels

Petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, nuclear, food sectors, process vessels and reactor vessels, mixing tanks, surge pressure vessels, separators, heat exchangers, filter housings, pressurised storage vessels, sterilisation, reception and anaerobic digester pressure vessels and associated pipework for bio-refinery and waste recycling applications.

Example Projects:-

  • Helium Pressure Vessels
    A suite of large helium pressure vessels for a European particle accelerator project
  • LPG Storage Tanks
    A tank farm for storage of LPG for heating and power at an environmentally sensitive gas exploration project in Australia
  • Bio-Energy Reactor Vessels
    Stainless Steel pressure vessels as reactor tanks and process tanks in a waste conversion process powering a Combined Heat and Power plant
  • Pressure Vessels for the Cryogenic Storage of Nitrogen and other Gases
    High density storage of liquefied gases in vacuum insulated pressure vessels fitted with heat exchangers for rapid vaporisation on discharge
  • Emergency Surge Vessels
    Carbon Steel pressure vessels for separating gas from liquids in an emergency high energy incident
  • Mud gas separators
    Pressure vessel for separation of free gas in drilling fluid: various installations on offshore drilling and production rigs

pressure vessel manufacture

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