& Low Pressure Tanks

chemical and process pressure vessels

Petrochemical, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, nuclear, food sectors, mixing tanks, separators, heat exchangers, filter housings, reception tanks and anaerobic digester tanks and associated process pipework for bio-refinery and other atmospheric tanks for waste recycling applications.

Example Projects:-

  • Bio-Energy Reception Tanks
    Low pressure thin-walled stainless steel receptor tanks for accumulation of liquid and semi-solid waste
  • Food Processing Holding Tanks
    Vertically mounted food-grade storage vessels on support legs
  • Desalination Tank Heat Exchanger
    Holding tank fitted with combustion flue and cooling coils
  • Low Pressure, Controlled-Atmosphere Jacket
    Jacket housing industrial pump in explosion-proof, oxygen-free atmosphere at very low purge pressure
  • Thin-Walled, Flat-Sided Containment Vessels
    Atmospheric tanks supported by external fabricated structure

atmospheric tanks

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